Day 11

6.00 – home from work, change quickly, head down and install the new dryer vent. Praise God I had all the right parts and finished that up in about an hour.
7.10 – my cute interruption arrived… I find it almost impossible to say no anyway, but with a face like this, how could you? Anyway, Jane and I chilled out, had dinner, watched Jeopardy, kept Suzie from licking her face, marvelled at those crazy furry black beasts that kept checking her out, discussed many important topics, giggled at each other, and generally just enjoyed the company.

8.30 – Jane goes home and Reenie heads back to the Project. Tonight I managed to paint the last column, touch up the light purple wall, paint the joists and boards above the washer and dryer, install curtain rod #1 and hang shower curtain (it will make sense when you see the pictures), and got a bunch of purple paint in her hair. Goodjob.

On a totally unrelated note, as my little dog Suzie spent the evening following me around, she brought with her a terrible smell. Let me explain, Suzie tends to have gas… and its bad news when she does. I was reading this dog health book a couple weeks ago and it says that often larger dogs swallow a lot of air when they are eating because they are bending to the floor to eat, so it is recommended to raise your dog’s food dishes so they aren’t bending down so far. Always willing to try something to end the gas, I checked out raised food thingies for dogs, many of which run in the $40-50 range… yeah, no way. Instead I found 2 little wooden stools at Michael’s for $6 each (and I used a 40% off coupon, so they were even cheaper) and started using those. Suzie’s been eating off those handy little stools now for over a week, and I didn’t think I’d noticed much difference… until tonight… Last night I took the stools away to paint them and tonight is the worst farting night I’ve experienced in a long time… which means that I think the stools are working!! They are now primed and I will be painting them tomorrow so as to return them to use and return the air around here to its usual freshness. How’s that for a fun tangent? 😀 If this experiment proves true, $6 Michaels stools are totally worth the hype.

Edit: I should also note that these magical little stools double as a wash-your-hands-please stool for my shorter visitors, and since Suzie’s eating spot is right outside the bathroom door, it couldn’t be more convenient. Definitely worth the hype.

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