Day 10

I think somewhere my days got mixed up, but its too late to figure it out now. Sunday I slept in, which was glorious, then got up slowly, drank my slow Sunday morning coffee with Jesus and the BOC. Then I started back on the Project. I got the wall behind the washer and dryer primed and painted light purple. Realized the dryer vent pipe had come disconnected and when i went to reconnect it, I found parts of it were disintegrating and had holes… time for a new dryer vent. Thats on my list for today, stop and pick up a new one and reconnect it so i can move the washer and dryer back into place. I also need to paint the trim above the washer and dryer dark purple, and figure out how to install a curtian rod over the pipes there.

The rest of the day was donated to the LT Superbowl Party, my least favorite LT event of the whole year!! I got there at 3.30 to set up, then Mass, then party… and after clean up, we didn’t leave until after 11… thats a really long day, not to mention this whole ordeal over a game i couldn’t care less about. It was nice to visit with the kids and Core, and Pretty Boy Floyd played at halftime (an up and coming band with Emmet -my brother-, Nick -my cousin-, Dan Mish -my brother in law in law to be-, Evan K -my best friend’s little bro, and Joe C -my best friend from middle school and high school’s little bro). They were fun to watch and had a very excited group of fans. Good times. At one point Maryn and I were standing in the gym watching all of it happening, realizing how much neither of us appreciates the entire event, and i had a great thought- I wish Suzie was at the party. I could just imagine her excitable little self running from teen to teen, attempting to french kiss them, lusting over their snacks, and then running to the next one. Gosh that would have been fun and just imagining it made the day a bit better. Mostly I’m glad its over and was sincerely grateful to realize on the way home that it was my last LT Superbowl Party ever. God is good!!

2 thoughts on “Day 10

  1. Kevin and I imagine Buck in “social” situations too! One of our favorites is Buck at the home improvement superstore, greeting customers, cowering at large appliances and running into item displays. I’m glad we’re not the only people who imagine their dog in public, creating commotion. 🙂

  2. Hahahaha. Now I’m going to imagine Suzie in Lowes too… Its so nice to know I’m not the only person who gets endless entertainment out of ideas like this 😀 Someday Buck and Suzie will have to meet in person.

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