Day 5

The advantage of being on a show like trading spaces is that you go and do your project like crazy from dawn to dark for a weekend, then you’re done. None of this real life interruption stuff like I seem to run into. Last night I went to Lowe’s, bought the shelving stuff and spray paint for the cabinet hardware, loaded it into the truck in the pouring rain (awesome!), and raced home where Geno, Lucy and Donal were almost ready for dinner.
Those munchkins are so much fun! Lucy is awesome, quite a pill, and its so fun hearing her speak in full sentences, when only a few months ago she said almost no words at all. Its amazing how fast that transformation happens. So we had a silly dinner, then Geno’s haircut. I didn’t want to get his shirt all hairy, so I had Donal go get a t-shirt for him. Donal brings back one of his vintage camo tshirts, so as we put it on Geno, he checks the sleeves (yes, it fits like an alb) and says excitedly, “Maybe I should take this home and say Mass in it!!” We had to burst his bubble and tell him Uncle D needed it and that he has other albs at home (like the last shirt he borrowed). He took it rather well and we read Sam I am while cutting his hair. Bren and Hannah came to get them just as I started Donal’s haircut. Okay, enough of the real life interruptions and on to the project…

I finished painting the cupboard doors, washed and spray painted the cupboard hardware, installed the 2×4’s for the undercupboard shelves, painted some of the exposed under stair boards, washed walls under the stairs, and painted two of the purple stripes on the wall that’s ready as sort of a test. We’ll see how it really worked when i take off the tape tonight. Its progressing little by little, but there’s still a lot to do. I think I may get some help on Saturday, which would be fun… but we shall see.

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