Saturday night

5.00 PM Update
John Denver, Barry White, Guster, and I have been singing it up in the basement… note: I do not like spiders and I just had to kill a big gross one… at the risk of admitting to being a wussy girl, encounters with large spiders make a shiver run up my spine. and the next two big fluffy dust bunny’s that fell during the wall cleaning made me jump (but don’t tell anyone I admitted that). After vacuuming part of the laundry room- it stopped sucking… grrr… out of vacuum bag apparently.

Successes: most of the stuff is moved out of there, except Kara’s table and chairs, the laundry soap shelf, dog crate, ironing board, water softener. Furnace filter has been changed, 2 loads of laundry done, part of the water softener disconnected. several bags of garbage, some old cushions and carpet squares ready for the trash. one wall has been washed in preparation for painting. under the stairs has been measured for shelves.

Failures: Vacuum bag situation, its butt cold down there, seriously grossed out by big spider, haven’t figured out how to disconnect the rest of the water softener, old water softener (from previous owner) is too heavy for me to drag out to the garage, did i mention big spiders gross me out big time? oh yeah, and as of breakfast, we are totally out of dog food.

The Plan, revised: Head out to the wilds of saline unshowered as I am in search of vacuum bags and dog food. And when I get back, maybe I will break the job into sections for priming and painting. If i finish one more wall, I could prime and paint 2 walls, leaving the rest of the room (including washer and dryer in place and usable).

8.00 pm Update
My run into Saline yielded dog food, vacuum bags, and a few other painting supplies. I definitely slid through a red light on the slippery roads… nice job… luckily it was at the Wendy’s light, where the one car waiting watched me slide through and then made his turn. Nothing like a little adrenaline though.

Finished vacuuming the walls for painting, finished washing them, primed the two prepped walls. and now I’m starving so I’m taking a dinner break while the primer dries, then the coat of light green will go on. So, along one wall that has upper cupboards (old ugly ones that will be painted) I’m going to put wire shelves below the cupboards to the floor. The question is, what color do i want the wall behind the shelves to be?? The green is rather light and won’t be very interesting. I’m thinking the cupboards will be purple… hmmm… maybe the pale pink? maybe blue? my inner creative genius is struggling with this one… or maybe that I’m not a creative genius at all, just a girl who needs some sunshine and finds organizing and painting projects all consuming and a good creative outlet in the midst of a crazy life. Well, I’m off to eat something. Stay tuned for color decisions…

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