Saturday morning

I love the weekend. I love sleeping in after being up too late. I love that the second my foot hits the ground (out of bed) I can hear the jingle of excited bitches waiting at the bottom of the stairs. I love that this morning Suze attempted a flying kiss (where she’s so excited she jumps straight into the air and tries to lick your face). I love slowly waking up reading the paper, drinking coffee. I love that the geraniums are blooming. I love that the seed catalogs are pouring in lately, lots of room for garden dreams while the snow is falling outside.

The Latest Plan:
The laundry room is a rather dismal basement room at the Nichols homestead. Its time to redo it, repaint, reorganize, add some shelving, totally revamp it. Since its the laundry room (where virtually no one goes) I’ve decided to go cheap and exciting. I’ve been checking the clearance paint shelves for the last couple months, and for $15 total I now have a gallon of light green, a gallon of dark purple, and quarts of pale pink and medium blue. Then last night I went digging into the old paint from the previous homeowner and found even more colors to add to the palette: hot pink, navy blue, forest green, creamy white. Now I’m thinking these might be too many colors for my feeble mind to handle. But for the time being, I’m thinking stripes, colorful stripes. And maybe ladybugs to accent the room. Thats what I’m thinking at this moment anyway. Feel free to leave me suggestions if you’re inspired by that exciting palette 😀

Today’s task is to move everything from the laundry room into the storage room, organizing as i go. Then everything needs to be cleaned, the walls, the cobwebs from the rafters, everything. Thats probably as far as I’ll get today. So maybe next weekend I’ll commence the priming and painting. Stay tuned… I’m going to take some before and after pictures and pretend I’m on Trading Spaces or something like that. Okay, I really need to get to work, Happy Saturday friends.

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