Couch Shopping

My green couch has seen better days. Actually, it probably saw its best days looonnnggg before it came to live with me. Let’s see, history of this couch… in summer 2001 Michele and I found it on the curb with a matching chair (both in a horrible aztec print). We picked them up, cleaned them, and recovered it in green checkered fabric and it moved from Michele and Tina’s apartment to our Forest apartment where they they lived happily with Tina, Michele and I for the year. Then we moved them to the Hamlet house, where they saw many roommates, many friends, many teens, many cats, and a few goats. In November 2002, the chair went to the curb and the couch moved with me to the Nichols homestead. It seriously needed a new cover, so we recovered it sage green, and here it has seen many roommates, many friends, many teens, and a couple bitches. The time has come… its current cover is looking dingy, falling apart, and frankly I’m not recovering it again. I’m ready to let the poor thing actually retire. Anyway, so I got some money for Christmas and that strengthened my desire for a new couch (although new tile in the kitchen was a close second).

Anyway, Art Van was having a sale this weekend (the biggest sale ever, as usual). I spent an hour Friday night wandering around Art Van sitting on couches, and realizing I must have really short legs! I mean, I know I’m no tower of height, but I’ve never felt so short in my life (and I have some tall friends)… most of the couches didn’t let me touch the floor! Sigh. The few couches in my price range were okay, nothing I was totally excited about. Besides feeling short, its a little strange to realize I’ve bought cars, a house, appliances, and yet, I’ve never bought furniture! (Thank God for grandparents and couches on the curb). Anyway, the salesperson was sort of helpful, but the only couches I really liked were way out of my price range and the ones in my range were fine… ugh. decisions! Oh and I like that the salesman told me that couches like this last over 10 years, you will easily get tired of them and get a new one to redecorate before they wear out. Try me, I thought to myself. I’ve had a free couch off the curb for 10 years now and a pink couch from my grandparents for over 5. Sigh. Exit Art Van agonizing over the decision.

Saturday afternoon I headed for Ikea. I’ve definitely lusted over their couches in the past and they recently added the one I like in black, very nice. After my mediocre experience at Art Van, I was debating getting the well made Art Van model, probably better than Ikea couches, for the same price… hmmm… I just don’t know. So Ikea was insane, apparently a cold Saturday afternoon is a bad time to be in Ikea as everyone is there with their antsy kids. And apparently Ikea is just the place to let them run screaming all over the place, push each other in carts, run into patrons, etc. at least you’re busy scoping out cheap fixtures and don’t have to deal with them (note the sarcasm in my tone). So Ikea was nuts, but there it was, the black ektop sofa I’ve been pondering… I sat down, its the right balance of comfortable and firm, and guess what… it fits perfectly! My feet hit the floor while my back rests on the back of the couch. Very comfortable. I like the color, the cover is removable and washable, its exactly the right price, yeah… Decision made… its Ikea all the way. Now I just need to borrow a truck to go buy it and bring it home.

2 thoughts on “Couch Shopping

  1. Yea! I’m so glad it finally worked out for you!!! I’d take Idea over Art Van any day (even with the crazy kids – and you’re right, sometimes there are some CRAZY KIDS!) based on advertising alone. I checked out your new sofa online – VERY NICE! I can’t wait to test it out myself!I’m sure that Anthony will want to also since he keeps asking me about “Aunt Reenie’s doggies, Maggie and Suzie”.

  2. Mmm…furniture shopping sounds almost as fun as used car shopping. At least the sales people are just as “helpful.” Glad you found a winner. A funny story about IKEA couches…my sister ordered one for her first apartment and it arrived…in the wrong style and color. Oops. She ended up keeping it but was a bit of a fiasco. Good thing you’re planning on picking it up. You’ll know for sure you’re bringing the right one home!

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