In my head, January means things will slow down, you finish the craze of Christmas and 8,000 events surrounding it, and then it will slow down and you can catch up… catch your breath, see friends you haven’t seen because its been too crazy, finish a few projects, spend an evening doing nothing at all, catch up on filing, go through your financials so you can do your taxes early, etc.

In reality, January is almost as crazy as December, only you start out already exhausted. The past two weeks continue to be a flurry of activity… dinner/wedding dress viewing with my future sister in law, hosted family for birthday party, epiphany celebration (official end of christmas), took down the tree and most of the christmas decor, lots of Life Teen stuff- life nights, Masses, retreat planning, and more; dinner with Collin & Beth, dinner at Brad’s with a bunch of peeps, dinner at my house and an evening of wedding planning with bro, sis in law to be, and maid of honor / sis in law in law to be; girls night with my sisters (combined with ironing linens for church); more Life Teen … and don’t get me wrong, its not like any of it is bad stuff, lots of it has been great, but i am tired and really need to regain some balance. The coming few weeks don’t offer any promise of a slow down.

And yes, BALANCE continues to be one of life’s greatest challenges for me.

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