Christmas “break”… the week between Christmas and New Years we close the office, I think that is all i mean by break, since most of it passed in a flurry of late nights, lots of events, general celebrating and insanity all around. And now I’m tired. Let’s see… a few highlights from that time…

Dec 28 was an exciting day for many reasons… I slept in late (it was incredible). Then got the phone call to announce the arrival of Eleanor Rose to a good friend of mine. And I got to go visit at the hospital, which was fun. I really think newborn babies are one of the most incredible things… its such a miracle, all of it! This little person has been forming and growing over the past nine months, and all the sudden (usually with much pain and blood) they’re here, they are out, the mystery is revealed… or at least part of the mystery… the rest will unfold a little at a time for the rest of her life… wow… May God bless little Ella and her family as they uncover the mystery of her sweet little person. The next excitement was finding out some good friends of mine are expecting a new baby!! Yay! I’ve been waiting for them to make such an announcement, and I am excited to meet this new person in about 7 months šŸ™‚ and then the day ended with a movie night with my two beautiful sisters. I really love those ladies, and am so blessed to have them in my life and the privilege of having them not just as sisters, but some of my best friends.

One day (don’t remember which) I worked, ran errands, worked some more… and then a crowd of college kids (and a few older ones) came over to hang it. It was nice and low key and fun to catch up with people. We also made room for performing some talent- Donal and Linds sang and played bass and guitar (respectively)- great job, Garrett sang and played- he is quite talented!, MaryBeth and Ani sang a beautiful armenian song, and Kara and I did a duet, playing one long note on the beer bottle and kahlua bottle (respectively). It is such a gift to be part of the lives of teens and young adults. It is cool to see them all growing and maturing through the challenges and experiences they are living. Its another phase of life where you see more and more that unfolding mystery… who they are as adults, what they want to do with their lives, how they make decisions now that shape that for a long time to come… anyway, they are great. God is good!

The Kennedy party happened, meaning my mom’s extended family gathers at my parents place for another Christmas celebration. It was a smaller crowd this year, missing all the out of town family and a few of the in town family. Nonetheless, it was great to see and celebrate with the family. Its especially a gift to have my grandparents with us again this year. They are getting older and have some health challenges… its a hard reality to face that they might not be with us next year, and it makes the time we do have even more precious. I am so thankful for my grandparents who are such heroic and faithful examples of living the love of Christ day by day. I’m thankful for each day and each moment we have with them and I pray that we get a lot more of those moments in the days and years ahead.

New Year’s Eve I went to Mass at CTK and then headed for the Loves for a small gathering. As it turns out, it was even smaller than anticipated since there was a winter weather warning with a lot of snow expected. Nonetheless, it was great to see Clare visiting from South America and Cora, Steve and Maria until around 10 pm. Also nice to catch up with Baby Archie’s parents :), Kyle, and of course, the Loves. At around 1 am John looked out the window to realize that it had in fact been snowing (the weather advisory was from 7 pm – noon the next day) and last we’d looked around 10 pm, it hadn’t snowed at all yet. Anyway, there was significant snow and it was coming down fast. Time to head home… and I did make it home eventually, although it took almost an hour to get home since there was so much snow. Thankfully, everyone else was taking it slow and I made it home in one piece. Happy New Year!

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