Christmas – part 1

Christmas traditions are in full swing at the Nichols homestead. Let’s see…

Christmas tree – we got the tree a couple weeks ago. Donal, Bren, Geno and I went out to pick it out and cut it down. Got a nice frasier fir, although it looks rather skinny in comparison to some of my past very fat Douglas firs. Donal valiantly put all the lights on the tree and dealt kindly with my type A tendencies and insisting that the lights be wrapped on each branch. Sassy Pants the Christmas version made an appearance (see photo below). The decorating happened the day of the big blizzard so it was a cozy and fun way to spend a snowy afternoon (while warming up from the intense shoveling of the morning).

Core Team Christmas Party – great time with the gang. Highlights: Marie Shibata (soooo cute), the gift exchange- especially the armless, legless bunny.

Gingerbread (aka graham cracker) house making and decorating happened last Saturday, a good time was had by all.

Sunday I went to the Pannings for a Bavarian brunch, good times with cool people and bavarian food. Then on to work on the calendar for a few more hours, then finishing some other Christmas projects quickly before the Christmas eve gathering.

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