Beware of starting family traditions… it can be very dangerous… once you start them, you can’t turn back.

This year, once again, I am frantically trying to put together the family calendar for my dad’s side of the family… and here on the day before Christmas eve at 10 pm realize I’m missing current pictures of a couple family members and that its after 10 pm the day before christmas eve and i’m just on June… sigh…

The family calendar… its one of my favorite things for sure and I always get rave reviews from the whole family who love it! but… its also a lot of work, that is easy to put off until the last minute. sigh. Okay, enough blog entry and on to July…

oh yeah, and finishing a couple other christmas gifts that are close, but not quite done (for tomorrow). procrastinators never prosper… and they certainly don’t get an over abundance of sleep those last few days before Christmas 😀

Merry Christmas Eve Eve my friends.

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