Last Saturday morning I got up and made frosting in several colors for the cookie decorating party. I should really go get those pictures developed for this post, because the pictures would say it all. Alas, the film is still in my camera, so the post will have to do for now. Yeah, so I had my favorite munchkins over (the ones old enough and close enough to even pretend to decorate cookies) from 10 am – 1 pm for a few hours of unrestrained fun. The crowd included Geno, Lucy, Ben, Ellie, and Anthony. I gave each kid a plate of undecorated cookies, a plate of frosting (different colors), and a paintbrush. They were thrilled!

The decorating went something like this: dip paintbrush in frosting, paint frosting onto the cookie, put brush in mouth to suck the remaining frosting off of it, dip back into frosting, put back in mounth, dip back in frosting, look at cookie as if to frost it, change direction and suck off frosting again… each kid went home with a plate of their own cookies, not to be eaten by anyone else because of the careful “decorating” process. After 45 minutes of said decorating, we all went to the living room and played toys for an hour, then lunch, then as we ate lunch they saw the remaining undecorated coookies, so once lunch was done, we “decorated” again for another hour before parents came to get them.

To summarize:
baking supplies for sugar cookies and frosting … $5
time spent baking … 2 hours of cozy goodness on friday night
cookie decorating wiht the munchkins… messiest and possibly grossest thing ever
clean up after decorating… 1 hour
a fun day with the kids … priceless

My favorite quote of the day:

Anthony: Um Reenie
Reenie: Yeah Anthony.
A: Um, I have a good idea…
R: whats that buddy?
A: Um, I love you!

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