I am so not ready for the arctic blast!! Winter is the hardest season for me by far… and it appears to be here to stay. Since I am working on being grateful for all things, I’m going to list what I like about winter, and not the many inconveniences and instances of being cold that get me down… ahem… Things i like about winter:

  • sweaters
  • fuzzy socks
  • slippers
  • cozy nights in sweats and wrapped in a warm comforter
  • a good fire in the fireplace
  • crafting or sewing projects in the evenings
  • a fresh snowfall (excluding the shoveling and clearing of the car)
  • hot chocolate, hot coffee
  • cutting down the christmas tree
  • christmas
  • baking and the warm kitchen that follows
  • the season that comes after winter
  • the season that comes before winter
  • finding a warm spot
  • suzie sleeping on my feet and keeping me warm

What do you like about winter??

2 thoughts on “Winter

  1. MY favorite things about Winter:ChristmasChristmas decorationsChristmas breakSweaters, sweatshirts, hot chocolate, and spending time with friends.Ooo ooo, and the fact that though winter may be just beginning, it’s still one day closer to spring no matter how far away it feels.

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