This evening ended up being a cozy nice fall evening. After racing across town at the end of the work day, getting soaked in the rain, drying off on the car ride home, only to get soaked again between the car and the house… i didn’t have high hopes. But it was great, one of those little moments to savor (maybe why i’m still up at 12.41 am- hours past my bedtime). Anyhoo, it was a very domesticated sort of evening at the Nichols Homestead. I had started green tomato pie (tastes like apple pie), got Donal going on pumpkin butter, and then Garrett, Fiona, and Owen arrived… the boys for haircuts and Fiona for a visit. Perfect. While I cut Owen’s hair, Fiona zested the orange for D’s pumpkin butter (apparently zesting had him intimidated). Then while I cut Goot’s hair, she rolled out my pie crusts for me. She’s a pretty awesome little sis, I must say. Not just because she can zest an orange or roll out a pie crust, but because she is beautiful, fun, cute, and an answer to my life long prayer. God is good.

Anyway, back to the domestications, by the end of the evening we’d done 2 haircuts, made 2 pumpkin pies and a dozen pumpkin tarts, 1 green tomato pie (shh don’t tell my fam until after tomorrow), pumpkin butter, cranberry cinnamon bread, a cleaned up kitchen, and… drum roll please… a new pillow for Maggie.

Yeah, so months ago I made Suzie a pillowcase to match the dining room. I’d used scraps from old capris, chair cover scraps, and other fabric leftovers… and to this day, it gives me a little thrill to see it in there, all classy looking. Well, Maggie’s been lusting over Suzie’s oh-so-cool pillow and the crazy lady of the house doesn’t particularly like that there is one classy pillow cover and one ugly dog blanket, side by side. So after the bread was in the oven and everything else was done, i pulled out my box of fabric scraps to see what i could do. At first it was looking grim- and that darn Uncle D had the nerve to make fun of me!!- but then i came across a pile of scraps from when i made a quilt for my bed, which just so happens to be a similar color scheme as the dining room!! Wow. Goldmine. So I pulled out the scraps, started sewing, and finished it just before the bread came out of the oven… its awesome and makes me smile. Maggie went right into the crate, sniffed the new blanket and is sleeping on it now.

This is a pic of the happy bitches on their matching or at least sort of matching pillows… obviously the camera phone pic doesn’t do those lovely pillows justice… but regardless, the pooches are happy and the crazy lady of the house is off to bed with a smile on her face and ready for pumpkin pie tomorrow.

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