snot funny

So… stopped in briefly at the Loves on Saturday after a long LT training day and dinner… Tony Moe wanted to read stories before I left, so we sat down on the couch, side by side, each with our own book. As we were “reading” i looked over to notice his finger almost two knuckles up his nose- lovely- I asked nonchalantly, “Whats up there?”

Anthony responded, also nonchalantly, “Um, boogers.”

Me: “okay…” and we went back to our books, commenting on things we found interesting as we read through the books. A few minutes later…

Anthony: “Snot tastes good.”

I thought I had heard wrong, sometimes its hard to tell with toddlers, but no, the laughing from his parents and translation confirmed that he did just tell me that snot tastes good. No comment from Aunt Reenie on that one 😀

2 thoughts on “snot funny

  1. this is a great story! along with funny stories, I also think its great that you leave comments on my blog. it helps a blogstress to feel loved and appreciated, right?:) Thanks Maureen!

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