The garden…

The garden ended last night… its kind of sad going out and stripping the plants of everything left … and yet satisfying at the same time. Its been a lot of work trying (and failing) to keep up with it, it has provided endless vegetables, endless meditation time, endless excuses to play in the dirt, endless tomatoes and peppers and everything else a lot of which i will be eating until next summer… and now its done for the year. Well, sort of done anyway, I now have a lot of tomatoes that will ripen a few at a time until Christmas… as well as all the food preserved to last through next summer.

End of the garden looks something like this:
-3/4 bushel of green tomatoes
-2 large bowls of green cherry & yellow pear tomatoes
-1 overflowing large bowl of sweet peppers (some rather small)
-1 large bowl jalepeno peppers
-a salad worth of lettuce
-carrots left to be dug up

What I grew this year (in the vegetable garden)…
-lettuce (all summer)
-beans (mid summer)
-peas (spring/early summer)
-carrots (need to dig up and freeze now)
-pumpkins- for all the vines i got one small pie pumpkin, need to bake it and make pie soon
-tomatoes- constant stream all summer, eating them with every meal, snacking on them constantly, giving them away to friends, feeding them to Suzie, plus I canned 40 pints of salsa, 18 quarts of canned tomatoes, 6 quarts marinara sauce and have an overflowing bowl on the counter right now
-jalapeno peppers – see above- 40 pints of salsa, and now overflow being frozen for later use
-sweet bell peppers, fairly constant stream of peppers throughout the summer, now i’m freezing the overflow for stir fry
-cucumbers- it was a mixed year for cukes. the pickling ones didn’t do well, only got a couple so no pickles this year. the salad ones did okay and only ripened in batches of 10 each time.
-strawberries- okay crop early summer, but i probably need to space them out more for better yields.
-rhubarb- my first attempt- looked like it was growing well and nearly ready to eat, until Chance dug it up and ripped all the leaves off during his visit (grrrr). I’m hoping the roots are still intact enough to grow for next year.

I also started a Home and Garden journal for entering info about what worked and didn’t work. Its nice to write that down so next spring when i remember that i had a brilliant idea but can’t for the life of me remember what it is, i can just flip through and find it.

I’m also tracking canning stuff- what we did, what we liked, how much we got, etc. Its fun to write it all down and know that next year we can do less guess-work and actually just look back at the journal. 😀

Happy End of the Garden my friends.

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