I really do learn a lot about God and about myself through my adventures of a homeowner and gardener (or wanna be gardener). Today’s tidbit is about my Rose of Sharon bush. When I moved into my house in November of 2002 it was hard to tell exactly what all the shrubs around the house were. I was pleasantly surprised the following summer to find the large shrub in front is a rose of sharon bush, that blooms with beautiful purple blossoms all summer and fall. I love that bush!! The sparrows also love that bush and it always seems to be full of happy birds, fluttering and singing.

The first couple years I lived there I didn’t do anything to this large bush, and it continued to grow and bloom beautifully. The best time for pruning the rose of sharon is late winter or early spring- so usually I forget to do so since that is not the time of year I’m out in the yard much. Two years ago, I got my act together and actually went out the prune it in February, and spent a lot of time trimming the branches back and shaping it. The following summer, it bloomed more than I’ve ever seen! It was breathtaking for the whole summer and fall. Last year, once again, I forgot to prune it (yeah, I still don’t do much in the yard in February) and this summer it only had half its usual amount of leaves and 1/4 the flowers… rather overgrown and bare and sad looking. Don’t get me wrong, it still did bloom, but very very sparingly and especially compared to previous years, it was kind of disappointing. A few days ago, although its only October, I trimmed some of the lower branches that were in the way of the lawn cutting and some dead branches too. I really need to remember to do a thorough pruning in February.

Looking at my sad rose of sharon in its overgrown state made me think about my life lately. Do you ever feel like your life needs pruning? Somehow it grows and grows and grows and without pruning, it gets to the point of being so busy trying to support the size of it that it doesn’t have the energy to flower. I think I’m there in life right now. I’m feeling overgrown and flower-less (metaphorically speaking). I’m not sure how exactly to prune or what needs to go, but it is time to do some pruning…

One thought on “Pruning

  1. I recently went through a “pruning” phase myself. My activity level is less, which sometimes makes me feel guilty, that I should be doing more. But when I consider my interior life now, as compared to even a few months ago, I am affirmed that saying no and cutting some things out has been the best thing I’ve done in a long time. Joyful pruning to you!

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