Tomato overload

So, canning season is in full swing now. The other night i went out to check on my neglected garden (its been so wet i hadn’t been out there in a few days) and i came in with a big bowl filled with jalepeno peppers, sweet peppers, and cukes. and then filled 2 big bowls overflowing with ripe tomatoes. Time to do something with them, especially since i leave town tomorrow for a week and will have more than that when i get home. So, last night I made and canned a big batch of salsa… I don’t know what it is, but there is something immensely satisfying about growing and canning your own food! Certainly its a lot of work, but definitely worth it, especially for the taste of garden fresh salsa any day of the year! Another thing I particularly like about canning tomatoes is my two tomato loving dogs. they sit next to me in the kitchen and wait patiently for me to peel the tomatoes and give them the tomato skins and the cores. so I don’t waste anything.

While the last load was in the canner, i added up the costs…
Lime juice $1.25
Salt $.05
Apple cider vinegar $1.20
Onions $1.50
Cilantro $2.00
Jalepenos – garden
tomatoes – garden
jars – already own
lids – $3.00
labor – free
Total Cost: $9.00 for 20 pints of salsa

Eating garden fresh salsa all year- priceless!

One thought on “Tomato overload

  1. You certainly do make the best salsa around.One question though – how did you come up with a nickel as the cost of the salt? Please tell me your type-A ness make you spend too much time calculating it out.Happy Birthday!

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