Last week’s vacation with the Cousino extended family was awesome, as usual. The week flew by and it felt like I barely had time for relaxing with all the socializing going on 😀 I really love my extended family and am so thankful to get a week to spend with all of them every year. A few funny tidbits for all of you:

-One night at dinner, Ben (almost 3) and Geno (almost 4) were sitting next to each other. Ben can hardly contain his excitement at sitting next to his buddy Geno and spends half the meal leaning over to give him exuberant hugs. Then he starts playing with Geno’s baseball helmet, which is ever present on the redhead next to him. Uh oh. Geno gets upset and Mark says to Ben, “Ben, don’t touch Geno’s helmet. There are just certain things we don’t do to certain people.” Ben immediately turns to Geno and says “Geno, are you certain people?”

-After dinner in the evenings, the kids (Ben, Ellie, Geno, Lucy) would get baths in a couple big rubbermaid tubs outside the cabin. One night, Ben had just been taken inside by his parents and about 6 of us were out in front of their cabin entertaining Geno during his bath. All the sudden Geno says loudly, “Hey, why’s uncle Mark all naked??” Immediately all six of us turn to look… i swear it was instinct, but we all just about died laughing when we realized that we’d all turned to look. In Mark’s defense, he was getting Ben ready for bed and had taken off his own shirt, though from Geno’s vantage point in the tub, it was an understandable mistake and the whole incident provided a lot of laughter for days to come.

-Lucy is finally talking. Its so much fun hearing what she’s thinking and wanting. And its fun teaching her new words and things to say. A few weeks before vacation, I was teaching her to say “I love Reen” (naturally). At first she would repeat each word after me, but now it goes something like this:
Reen: Lucy, say “I”
Lu: “I” (grinning, knowing what comes next)
Reen: “Love”
Lu: “Reen!!”

It was hilarious watching all the other family members try to get her to say their names instead of mine…
Owen: Lucy, say I
Lu: I
Owen: Love
Lu: Reen!!
Owen: no no no, say “love Owen!”
Owen: I
Lu: I
Owen: Love
Lu: Reen!!
Owen: ahhhhhh

This scene repeats over and over again with Grandma, Aunt Kathleen, Aunt Fiona, numerous cousins… and each time as soon as you say “love” she finishes with “Reen!” I love that kid!!

-Ellie is now 14 months old and has become very independent. She’s such a fun kid, and so happy to be walking and able to transport her independent self all over the place. She was happy to just wander up the road in front of the cabins, sometimes pushing Geno’s bear Teddy in the doll stroller, other times just wandering and observing all the kids running around. Its so fun to see more and more of her delightful personality coming out the older she gets.

Other highlights for me:
-Sleeping in
-Lots of Hand and Foot with Naomi, Donal, Lindsey
-Scrapbooking last year’s vacation pictures, and watching all the kids pour over my scrapbooks of the last 14 years of Long Lake vacations together, ooh-ing and ahh-ing and laughing about past tales and skits and games and tubing runs, etc.
-Good reflective prayer times
-Family family family

I’ll post some pictures in the next few days.

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