A few very very last pix from Ireland

So, my friend Teresa sent me a CD of her pictures from Ireland, and somehow there are a few pictures of me… so, to prove i atchy did go to Ireland, i am including them here…

Ring of Kerry and my cute rental car Herbie.

Travelers lunch in a scenic spot on the ring of Kerry.

I’ve fallen and I can’t get up… but i’m obviously not terribly upset, guess its not a bad place to be stuck 😀

Another way to get spinal injuries- fall off cliff with very nice view

“I hate posing for pictures”

Me trying to keep up with the generous speed limits, especially on these dangerous and curving roads.

Action shot in the Burren

Yum – travelers lunch at Doolin Point… more bread and cheese and raspberry jam.

Excited to go into the tasting lab at the Guinness brewery

Teresa’s classmate Tania and me in Dublin

Me at Glendalough. no i’m not pregnant, i was protecting my cameras under my raincoat- don’t let the blue sky fool you, it poured rain both before and after our hike this day.

random picture near rock wall outside of random catherdral ruins we found in a random town we were driving through and then randomly stopped to explore and take pictures

2 thoughts on “A few very very last pix from Ireland

  1. See, I would have believed that these pictures were actually of you, in Ireland… but you totally spilled the beans with that “Everywhere I went, I saw people that looked just like me” thing. So I’m a little suspicious that these are actual pics of you and not of some native with a camera just like yours. Of course, telling us that the place that you visited was inhabited by people who look just like you was some clever verbal redirection that makes me just confused enough to not be able to say for sure whether you actually went anywhere or not.This is starting to remind me a lot of my quantum physics class. And now my head hurts.

  2. when i said they looked like me, i didn’t mean my identical unphotogenic twin (there’s a scary thought)! i just meant white, pink, blue-eyed, irish… thanks for that confusing and entertaining comment Jeff.

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