This Week’s Victories

Friday- Donal and Lindsey got engaged!! yay!!

Saturday- I had a day around the house after too many busy weekends. Naturally it wasn’t as productive as I’d hoped, but still good.

Sunday- Softball games… I was relieved to have it all come together after a hectic time of trying to get teams together, etc. Sunday church league is 4 teams, all CTK people! It was a blast since you know at least half the people there (and I know probably more like 75%). ETC1 team lost to Tepeyac (I subbed in their second game), and ETC2 beat CTK in two games with an amazing turnaround in the last inning. I was certainly tired after catching for 3 games in a row, but it was a good time!

Monday- I managed to take Suzie biking (the first time) and I didn’t kill her or me! That’s a major victory! Actually, I found this contraption called the K9 cruiser, which you attach to the frame / back wheel of the bike, that keeps the dog behind you and out of the wheel. It was pretty cool and worked beautifully for Suzie. She was nervous at first (and so was I) but once she got the hang of it, she was running alongside me, grinning from ear to ear, tongue practically dragging on the pavement. and then she was practically comatose the rest of the evening from the good run- that is a serious victory.
Skip ahead to dropping Suzie off and picking Maggie up… yeah, Maggie always likes to be ahead of the bike (usually her leash is in my hand) and likes to start of the ride by running as fast as she can. She definitely did not understand that the K9 cruiser precludes that, or rather, when she tried it, i could feel the back end of my bike pulling her direction in a terrifying fashion. Some yelling ensued and we had to stop several times… but eventually she started to get the hang of it and we managed to finish the ride with no injuries (just high blood pressure on my part). Maggie was also exhausted from the run, so I had two black sleeping beauties! Life is good.
Supposedly, this K9 cruiser allows you to hook both dogs up… in fact, the picture on the package shows a lady with 3 large dogs connected… but for starters, i think i’ll take the dogs separately until they get good at it, then i’ll risk my life and try both at once… and when that happens, i’ll have to enlist someone to take pictures, just to prove i did it 🙂 stay tuned…

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