Wicklow Mountains

5/18/07 – After the Guinness tour in Dublin and finally escaping the city traffic, we headed south toward the Wicklow mountains. Amazing scenery, especially along the mountain passes we were on. Wow. Okay, maybe you could talk me into living here too, even without the ocean… clearly there are sheep, mountains, lakes, beautiful scenery, yeah, i think i could be convinced… It was a beautiful sunny afternoon, a strong wind blowing across the mountains, and occasional sheep in the road.

Thank goodness the irish have signs reminding you to stay on the road, otherwise you might be distracted by the beautiful surroundings and fall off.

We reached Glendalough and St Kevin’s monastery late in the afternoon, and since it was rainy, we decided to find a B&B for the night and see if the evening weather improved enough for hiking. There was a small village and several B&B’s right up the road, and as we pulled up to one of the houses, there was a small boy, probably age 5, in a tie, jumping on a dirt pile with a friend (also in a tie) and a dog running around adding to the mayhem. it was such a simple and fun scene to arrive on, i knew instantly that these were our kind of people… seriously, kid in tie jumps in the dirt, i’m sure mom has no clue what you are doing. heh heh heh. Mom answers the door, obviously pregnant, with a 2 year old boy on her hip. He was sporting a big toothy grin and a runny nose… yup, these are my kind of people. The room was nice and comfortable, and as soon as Teresa and I had our bags in from the car, we crashed for a late afternoon nap, which was heavenly!! After naps, we headed for a small store to find some travelers dinner- bread, cheese, yogurt… nice and cheap and hit the spot.

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