So, I just spent the weekend with several thousand screaming, cheering, praying teenagers at the Steubenville youth conference. Good heavens I love those kids. I can’t even count the number of times i was moved almost to tears at watching God work in miraculous ways in their lives, and at their open honest response to what God is doing. It was a weekend of victories- God is good!! On a human side, I’m sore and tired from a long weekend, bus rides, sleeping on the floor, late nights and early mornings. but its such a small price to pay to be part of God’s work in His people!

Highlights of the weekend:

  • Watching 4,000 teenagers at Adoration, worshipping… wow!!
  • Praying with the kids all weekend- what an inspiration! and a real answer to people who question if the Catholic church has a future- there they are- singing and praying and having a blast!!
  • Amazingly beautiful weather all weekend- no rain, wonderful temps, low humidity.
  • Talk about sin by Brian Kissinger… especially his video of his roommate the python
  • Mark Hart- preaching the gospel and doing Catholic comedy- great combo!!
  • Bussing back and forth with our kids- boy they are a lot of fun!!
  • Matt Panning telling his engagement story as all the kids on the bus hung on his every word and ooohed and aaahed at all the right places.
  • Hanging out with the fun chaperones from our group
  • Doing the hand motions to all the songs with Matt Panning
  • I can’t name all the teens by name, but consider them the real highlight of the weekend

Low lights

  • the free coffee (thank God i was able to buy some at the coffee shop- it could have been a desperate situation).
  • hitting my head on the bed i slept underneath
  • not enough sleep
  • chaperone shower times: midnight to 1 am, 5-6 am
  • watching a kid try to eat a can of hazelnut flavored spam in 2 bites (during a game in Brian K’s talk)… seriuosly I thought I was going to loose my cookies just watching it!!

All in all, a great weekend. God is good!! and, as always, its great to be home!!

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