5/16/07 Connemeara

One of my favorite signs, that you say everywhere… “Road works ahead” … by which they mean, “road does not work head, expect delays.” My favorite sight of the drive from Castleblayney to Connemaera happened midmorning as i drove along the twisting country roads. I was passing a small lake that the road wound around, and across the lake, on the road was a huge bull, followed by a semi truck and a line of a dozen cars!! I wish i could have grabbed my camera fast enough, but oh well. A moment later, as i approached this amazing sight, the bull suddenly took a sharp right turn into a field and galloped away, as traffic returned to the normal speed! it was great!!

Connemeara is the area north of Gallway. It is very rugged, lots of rocky terrain that isn’t good for much except raising livestock. I drove through the region in the pouring rain, but got a great flavor for the life there. Its rough, rugged, and yet very beautiful in its simplicity.

More of the locals that I love so much…

In the midst of driving through Connemaera, I passed a beautiful waterfall and decided to hike out to it, despite the pouring rain!! Heck, you’re only in Ireland for a short time and dry pants are overrated 😉 Good news, LLBean’s raincoat is very waterproof, as are their hiking shoes… my pants on the other hand, not so much. I was drenched and spent the next few hours in the car heading for Gallway rather soggy, but glad I’d done it.

A soggy traveler

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