the ordinary things in life

So, I’ll take a moment from trying to catch up on Ireland to revel in the victories of last night:

  • I pulled apart the garbage disposal and fixed the problem (a penny jammed under the blade part). and i got it put back together, all without a trip to the hardware store!!
  • I also pulled out the refrigerator, opened up the back, and fixed the leak from the ice maker… again, without a trip to the hardware store!!!!!
  • I went to Lowes to pick up the parts i need to fix the garage door… which i think will be a much more complex repair than the previous mentioned ones. we shall see…
  • I got a haircut – its different than the last several, shorter and easier to take care of, and feels great.
  • I walked with the BOC for a good half hour before bed, and there was only a small amount of pulling (thank you Maggie). this is a victory for a few reasons, 1. i’ve been wanting to start walking more for exercise for both me and the BOC, but have a hard time finding / scheduling the time. 2. walking both dogs used to be like a walking circus, but last night was a very pleasant and relaxing jaunt through the neighborhood. 3. we passed 2 other dogs (on the other side of the street, but passed nonetheless) with only slight pulling and no barking or freaking out 4. it was an incredibly beautiful evening for a walk.

And those are just my publishable victories! God is good!

3 thoughts on “the ordinary things in life

  1. Way to go, Maureen! I’m still curious about what “BOC” stands for (I know it’s the dogs, but what is the exact translation?) By the way, I’m praying Mark doesn’t have a look at your blog; I fear it’ll convince him to NEVER own a home…we’re not exactly “handy.” Can’t wait to see the hair! I’ll be in MI in less than a week, and Ann Arbor in a little more than that. PTL! 🙂 See you soon, HURRAY!

  2. Your walking victory is chastising me about my exercising failures. Well, I guess I should get off the computer and DO something with my body now. I second Betsy’s questions about the BOCs. Love you!

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