After going to bed on Sunday night at 7 pm, totally exhausted, i slept amazingly well in this very scenic B&B just outside Dingletown. That morning I drove around Slea head drive, the coast of the Dingle peninsula- for some incredible views, side hikes, good prayer time by the ocean… it was awesome… and if i move there, i’m moving to the Dingle peninsula to be a sheep and cow farmer along the ocean… it really doesn’t get more beautiful than that!!

Around 3 pm that day i’d finished the scenic drive and it started raining, so i headed north across ireland toward Castleblayney to meet my Grandma’s cousins.

My Gram has been writing these cousins for some 60+ years. Nonetheless, it was very strange to arrive in Ireland and call your long lost family who have no idea who you are or that you are coming and introduce yourself over the phone and ask if you can come meet them. But I somehow managed to do just that and they were very excited and told me to come.

A couple hours down the road, i was cruising along, when a huge semi whipped around one of those delightful blind curves, taking up 75% of the road (including where i was driving). I swerved to the side as far as i could, which was only about 12 inches onto the weedy strip between the edge of the pavement and the rock wall conveniently located there. Crunch. Apparently a rock from said rock wall was hiding in the weedy patch. Ugh. there was no place to pull off and stop right there, but the flat tire forced me to get around the bend and pull off in front of a little irish house. Stomach in my throat, worried about the damage, i climbed out and checked it out. One very very flat tire, with a bit of a bent wheel, and no hub cap… not to mention being a stranger in this country, no cell phone… i knocked on the door of the house, and a very sweet (and familiar looking) lady Katherine invited me in and listened sympathetically as i explained the problem. She got right on the phone with Michael at the tire shop and said he’d be by to look at it momentarily. I thanked her profusely and went back to the car to wait, until she came out moments later and insisted on making me a cup of coffee so we could visit while we waited!! What a sweetheart!! Michael came with his son, put on the spare, and led me to the tire shop before disappearing to take his son home. The tire had a huge gash and had to be replaced, oh well, it could definitely have been worse and i must say it was the friendliest, most pleasant flat tire i’ve ever had!
Two hours later, I was back on the road headed north again. I stopped for the night at a B&B along the way, and had to ask the poor woman to repeat everything she said at least 3 times because not only did she have a strong irish brogue, but she didn’t open her lips to speak, hmmm. She did, however, make a great breakfast in the morning, and even agreed to make it early so I could get back on the road, so all was not lost 🙂

One thought on “5/14/07

  1. I am dreaming of that B&B – the view is just incredible! It must feel so amazing to wake up in such a peaceful, beautiful place. You’re a “wucky girl”, as Anthony would say.

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