I’m lovin’ it!

Things I’m loving about life right now (not in any particular order)…

Maureen is loving this spring / summer weather!!!! Seriously I don’t think it gets much better for me than sunshine, long days and evenings, and being outside a lot (sigh of contentment). I do, however, need to fix my ceiling fan in my bedroom, which I think is off balance, so the nights aren’t so stuffy since I am holding out on the A/C as long as possible.

Maureen is loving being home again after a wonderful trip to Ireland. I love traveling, but there is nothing better at the end of a trip than coming home. And after being gone, there are about a thousand things to catch up on, people to see, projects to finish, house to clean, sweaters to pack away, etc. but its still great to be home. There truly is no place like home.

Maureen is loving the munchkins in her life. At the risk of leaving out any important munchkins, I’ll leave out names… but seriously, God has blessed me abundantly with so many absolutely terrific nieces and nephews and honorary nieces and nephews. I am so blessed! And there is nothing like a kid grinning from ear to ear and running to give you a hug, just because they are excited to see you, to make you feel just great about life!!

Weds while having lunch with Ben and Ellie, I said to Ellie “Who’s a pretty girl?” and Ben responded, “I am a pretty BOY!”

Then later in the day I had my monthly ‘dinner and a haircut’ night with Geno and Lucy, which is always fun. I always call macaroni “Mac and mac” to which Geno always laughs and corrects me that its “mac and cheeeeesseee.” Lu didn’t miss the humor in the situation, and she grins, looks at Geno, then at me, and says “Mac mac,” laughing at her own great joke. For the rest of the evening, every few minutes she’d get that glint in her eye and say “mac mac”. She’s a funny one, that girl; even with very few words, she can tell a good joke.

(Please note these pictures are just a very small sampling of said munchkins… I just couldn’t possibly upload all of them right now 🙂

Maureen is also loving her adult friends and family (not just the munchkins). Going away and coming home again is such a great reminder of God’s blessings in my life- terrific friends, an amazing family, a wonderful parish, the list goes on and on…

Maureen is loving the garden. My flowers are all in bloom, the fragrant smell of the lilacs wafts in through the open window, and the vegetable garden is begging for some attention. This weekend’s tasks include tilling and finishing planting the veggies, adding in some compost, and harvesting the first crop of lettuce. And there are a few strawberries ripening that I need to get before the birds do.

Maureen is loving her young people… and agonizing about what to do next year. I do love my teenagers (many of whom have grown into wonderful young adults) and I am constantly amazed at how God blesses me through each of them. Another year at Life Teen is ending, and its time to figure out what to do next year. There are so many pros and cons to continuing my involvement, so ultimately, I’m waiting for God to send the golden telegram and tell me what He wants- its His decision anyway.

Maureen is loving cows… and after a trip to ireland, where she met several very friendly cows, she is considering adding to the menagerie… although i’m not sure cows are allowed within city limits in Saline (they are allowed in towns in ireland, incidentally), so she may have to find a more suitable location prior to obtaining said cows and sheep, and horses, and donkeys, and barn cats, and…

One thought on “I’m lovin’ it!

  1. Those cows are crazy. Right now I live right next to the church/plaza of “Our Lady of the Cows”.I want to see the rest of the pictures when I get back. 🙂

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