4 days and counting…

I can hardly believe my trip to Ireland is coming up so fast! Time flies when you’re having fun I guess… and too busy to think 🙂

Last week was one of those weeks I felt like I barely saw my home and my pooches (and i definitely never located my head)… it was great, but not enough home time. The CTK parish mission was amazing, all about living in the power of the resurrection- wow. Good good stuff, a great shot in the arm and inspiration to live even more sold out for Christ… so that was Sun-Wed evenings, on top of Pentecost planning team stuff (thanks to LAM for a beautiful brochure), work, Thurs was the HSC play, Fiddler on the roof- which was awesome!! Teens and cousins in it, so that was a blast. Then Friday, our first softball games (yes, they killed us, but we had fun anyway), a bunch of people at my house, bulletin stuffing, hanging out, watching Maverick, great time. Saturday i was finally home and did lots of yard work, then Rosie Love’s baptism and party, and finally hanging out at the Bradstard pad with the college kids after that until much too late. Sunday, family brunch to celebrate birthdays, good time with the fam, and a nice opporunity for the BOC to run like wild and wear off some energy!! then some putzing in the yard, Life Teen, and just like another week is off and running.

Last night was great because it was the first night in about 3 weeks i didn’t have anywhere to be… so i played with the BOC, weeded my garden bed (it was such a beautiful evening!!), watered plants, swept the floors, actually made a real dinner… it was perfect and so good to have an evening at home! For the rest of the week, somehow i have to figure out how to run a dozen errands, do some cleaning, practice softball, play softball (friday), laundry, pack… ahhhh… all before i leave Sat morning! Like I said, I’m excited, but a bit overwhelmed.

So… pray i dont die driving on the wrong side of the road on the wrong side of the car… or hiking alone in the remote hills of Ireland although frankly, i’m more nervous about the driving. God bless you!

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