The gardening bug

Have i mentioned how ready i am for spring? Those few days of 70 degree weather and sunshine have made the last few weeks seem sooooo much longer! I’m ready to be back out in the yard. There is something very theraputic about working in the garden (for me anyway). Now at work I’ve got a lot happening most of the time, trying to keep projects sorted out, staying on top of the paperwork (or at least attempting to), lots of phone calls, co-worker stuff, etc. By the end of the day, i can feel the knots tightening in my back and neck and i’m ready to just get home and attempt to unwind. I will be the first to admit that i’m not that great at unwinding, there are usually dozens of on going projects calling my name, laundry, house cleaning, dogs to play with, friends to catch up with, etc. ahhhh… I can’t keep up!! And yet, somehow, working in the yard and garden helps me truly unwind. I’m not necessarily less busy, in that there is always something to be done, preparing the soil, watering, fertilizing, mulching, weeding, checking for ripe vegetables, deadheading spent flowers, getting rid of those disgusting japanese beetles, transplanting, pruning, … the list goes on and on. I sometimes wonder why it is so theraputic for me? Maybe its that i can do little things and God is really the one doing the work, and somehow my participating in that and enjoying the beautiful things He does gives me peace and a sense of His presence. Maybe its that I can spend a long work day wanting to dig through the papers and find my desk, only to get more paper by the end of the day… and yet I can spend 20 minutes weeding a flower bed and see the improvement it makes. Maybe its a reminder that God who clothes the lilies of the valley with such splendor is certainly going to take care of me.

Spring is such a time of life and celebration and renewal. so tied to my own life. Winter is a long grueling season for me- its hard to be indoors, lacking sunshine, exercise (yes, i know its my own fault), and i just long for the warmer days and sunlight! Then spring comes… yes, the rain makes for some gray days, but the plants start poking their heads through the soil, new leaves begin to form, the grass gets greener by the day… the crocuses welcome spring even in the snow at times.. there is hope and color and sunshine!! I was realizing this year how similiar lent is to the coming of spring. As spring approached, i spent one of those nice days outside pulling all the leaves out of my flower beds, breaking off the old dead foliage, cleaning out the junk from last year, and in doing so, i found the crocuses and the other plants beginning to poke through and see the sun. Lent is a time of cleaning up the junk… of getting rid of the stuff in the way so that we can see the Light, and that Light is the Life of Men. The Light shines in the darkness, and the darkness cannot overcome it. Lord, may this Easter season be one of life and hope and rejoicing, that in the penance and sacrifices we made in lent allow us to see you more clearly.
Happy Spring and Happy Easter (and I hope you’re all praying for a return of the sunshine as well! I could use it right about now 😉

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