Funny Priest Story

Okay, he’s not really a priest (yet anyway). Geno, age 3.5, who does think he’s a priest sometimes. Anyhoo, he and Lu came over for our monthly (ish) dinner and a haircut night. After cutting Geno’s hair, naturally his shirt was hairy and itchy. So i went upstiars and got a men’s small white t-shirt, which goes nearly to the floor on him. At first he was confused and not sure how he felt about this big shirt, till i explained it was like an alb that Fr. and the altar servers wear. He told me, “Fr wears a purple alb in lent, but I just have green for ordinary time.”

Knowing I had several tableclothes of many different colors, including purple, (thanks to someone’s wedding) I offered to make him a purple alb. His eyes got very wide and he excitedly said, “Yeah, cuz Father has a purple alb!” So, I got the material, measured him, and in very short order had a new purple alb on Fr Geno. Not only was he thrilled to have a seasonally appropriate color on, but he was distracted and awed by how amazingly authentic the white sleeves of the alb underneath the purple chasable looked. He was so distracted, in fact, that while saying Mass, everytime he’d raise his hands “let us pray” or see his reflection in the fireplace, he’d pause for a long look at his amazing new look… Donal and I were dying of laughter- on the inside of course šŸ™‚ Seriously, it was the longest Mass I’ve been to in a long time- and I go to Christ the King!!

Donal commented when I was fitting G for his purple chasable, that Palm Sunday was red and that G was bound to notice. I laughed it off… and sure enough, Hannah calls on Sunday afternoon, “Um, Reenie, Geno asked me to call you… He noticed that Father is wearing red vestments and he only has green and purple…” Yeah, Geno notices everything at Mass, no surprise there. Diplomatic Aunt Reenie was able to convince him that if I made him a white chasable he’d be able to wear it more, especially with Easter and the whole Easter season in front of us. He seemed pleased with that option… so no red vestments have been made… yet…

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