more boring

so, life certainly is an adventure, and some of my more amusing stories have been gleaned from our latest round of obedience class… and by obedience class and the use of the word “our” I mean Suzie’s class… Lets see, a bit of history (altho no one will even read this). About 9 moonths ago, Zu (Suzie) and I did beginner obedience class at this place for 5 weeks. i had a blast and learned a lot, as did the muttface. The teacher said at the time Zu probably needed one more round of class1 before going on to class2. Well, life happened, summer happened, and all the sudden, 9 months later, i decide to take another round of classes.

To make this more entertaining, Nick & Jen enrolled their horny puggle Chance (who really loves Suzie) who also needed some obedience training. Anyway, so 2 weeks go we go to class, and work on the basics, most of which Suzie is very good at and was way ahead of the rest of the dogs in the class. Somewhere in the middle of class, the teacher (a very large, missing several teeth and wears stretch pants lady, who does know dog stuff certainly) trades dogs with Nick cuz Chance was misbehaving and she wanted to use him to illustrate a point. So they trade and the whole class watches as she demonstrates how to teach a stubborn dog to come. she does that several times, then looks up to explain something further to the class… as soon as she looked away, Chance starts smelling her shoe, lifts his leg, and … yeah, right on her foot! I thought I was going to die i was laughing so hard!!! The whole class gave a nervous, amused laugh and then stopped… me, not so much. i couldn’t stop. the rest of the class doesn’t know Nick & I are friends cuz we avoid each other in class since Zu is usually too much of a distraction for his pooch. so the whole class must think i am a heartless mean person who will laugh when anyone’s dog misbehaves, esp. since Zu is ahead of the rest of the class… oops. so that was last week.

At the end of last class, the teacher told me to bring Suzie for the second half of beginner class and the first half of the advanced class, sort of a promotion 🙂 yay Suzie. So this past monday was our first go at advanced class. Since it was snowing, the other two dogs who are doing 1/2 of each class didn’t come… so advanced class consisted of Holly, a 95 lb doberman who wears a coat and sweaters. Foofy dog (not sure of the name) whose head comes to my chest, but its really skinny and has foofy hair (some kind of fancy show dog, whose owner actually shows the dog), and another doberman around 100 lbs, but a bit younger than the other one. and last but not least, little 32 lb Suzie. It was very amusing to say the least. All 3 of the other dogs have been thru this class multiple times and the dogs are very well trained, its quite impressive. Zu and i tried to keep up, since we didn’t even know all the commands being used. Zu behaved beautifully, even did a 7-minute down stay while i walked across the room. it was awesome. At one point the teacher tells the 4 of us to line the dogs up along one wall, down stay, and then walk across the room from them. We did it, and i look at the line up: huge doberman, tiny Suzie, huge doberman, and lanky foofy dog… quite a sight. A few minutes later we were praciticing the same exercise in different corners of the room, I had just told Suzie to Down, and turned to walk away to see the big doberman running toward us from his corner. At that moment, i realized later, my life probably should have flashed before my eyes, but i’d seen how well behaved he was so it didn’t really scare me. Suzie on the other hand, strong protector that she is, quickly got up and hid behind me. yeah, somehow i think if i want protection, Suzie isn’t gonna cut it. The owner quickly retrieved her huge doberman, saying he couldn’t resist a little cutie like Suzie and we all moved on. So yeah, thats my story. Dog class continues to be both a learning experience and cheap entertainment 😀

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