There are definitely times in my life i realize that i am a distinctly boring person with old lady tendencies creeping in. For instance, Saturdays are the hardest days for me to give up for meetings or whatever because then i don’t get my house stuff done… and i can’t handle a dirty house and no time to work on projects. sigh. this past weekend was like that, but this coming weekend, i plan to get up early (yes, on a saturday… so early really means 8 am and not my usual 5.30 am) so i can work on some house projects. what is that saying, a house is a man’s castle? or something like that. yeah, my house is probably my favorite place to be and work on and keep up and everything. My house is my castle, a small, humble castle certainly, but a castle with endless ideas, dreams, hopes, and dog hair to clean up 🙂 I know i’m totally rambling here, but last sat i scrubbed every inch of the upstairs bathroom, and every time i’m in there, it makes me happy to see the sparkling clean shower, know there isn’t hair or qtips behind the toilet, and to step out of the tub onto a clean bathmat, yes… its a little like heaven 😀 and last night kara vacuumed the stairs, what a difference! and i put clean sheets on my bed, added a blanket, and oohlala life is good! I tend to get depressed in the winter (read up on Seasonal Affective Disorder sometime, its fascinating) probably because i prefer to be outside, see sunshine, have warm toes, etc. on top of that, its been amazingly apparent lately that i am in a totally different state of life than most of my friends… not a bad thing and i know its where God has me, but it certainly isnt easy at times. but somehow, one of the best remedies for a bout of depression is to do something for my house- fix that leaky faucet, clean the refrigerator, get a new bathroom rug, play ball with 2 crazed black mutts (who always remember that i exist and appreciate any time i can give them), yeah, life is good. (wow, that was a totally random post – its probably good no one reads this blog… the inner workings of maureen’s brain at 8 am are hmmmm…)

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